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Welcome to Cartoooo.com. In our platform you can explore restaurants near you, find amazing deals and satisfy your cravings. Simply search for deals or for your favorite eatery, and place your order. Get your meals delivered or pick it up yourself. It's really that easy.

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Find a local favorite place for delivery or pickup. View their promotions and get the best deal for your meal.

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Place your order online quickly and safely. In only a few clicks your meal will be ready for delivery or pickup.

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In only a few clicks your delicious meal will be ready for delivery or pickup to enjoy.


What is Cartoooo.com?

Cartoooo is an online platform with a local and comprehensive perspective, designed to create partnerships with small businesses and support them to boost their sales through online services.

How can I grow my sales?

The most effective way to improve your sales is signing up at Cartoooo.com and become one of our proud partners. You can also boost your revenues by creating marketing campaigns and having exposure at our social media platforms. Take a moment to register your business and provide us with information to help us connect you with the best Cartoooo representative in order to assist you.

What is the Cartoooo Store Management Portal?

The Store Management Portal is an online tool for managing your operating hours, orders, private events, payments, bank account information, menus, etc. From the Portal, you will also be able to access analytics for your business, key information to make decisions and be more efficient.

How do I log into the Store Management Portal?

Navigate to https://cartoooo.com/login and enter your email address and password for your account.

How do I update my menu on Cartoooo.com?

We want to make sure your restaurant's menu is always kept up-to-date. You can use the Store Management Portal to make changes to your menu directly. Simply log in and navigate to Menu on the left-hand menu bar and click on the product you need to edit. You can also manage your inventory, upload product pictures and update product options and prices.

How do I update my store/business hours and settings?

Please log in to your Store Management Portal. You can edit business hours here and also set special store hours for upcoming private events, etc. To edit store hours of operation, go to Delivery/PickUp Schedule, select Start Time for Opening and End Time for Closing your store, defining how many Orders (Quota) you are able to serve during Intervals periods.

All the entries will appear on the Time Slots section, from where you will be able to view or remove them according to your schedule needs. From this Dashboard, you can also create Private Events, setting up Start and End Times for receiving orders and assigning an Access Code for your customers.

How much do I need to pay to be a Cartoooo partner?

We have plans for everyone. We offer 3 subscription levels (Rare, Medium and Well Done) and many opportunities to raise your business´ temperature. Uploading your menu to our platform is totally free. Our prices are the most competitive of the market and we don’t charge any activation or payment processing fees ever. You may cancel anytime.

How do I receive orders with Cartoooo?

After you signed up and as part of the onboarding process, you will be requested to provide your business information, select and set up your notification preferences (text messages, e-mails or both) of the orders processed through our platform to the number or email address that you've specified. All orders will also come through Cartoooo's Orders Management section.